Production Manager

"The Ocean Duck" by Huda Rezzak, 2020 - Present

Collaborate with a team of 30+ artists to produce a 6:15-minute 2D tra-digital animation about a woman struggling with Alzheimer. To watch the latest render of the film, click HERE.


  • Conduct 2D team meetings to kick off, maintain, and conclude project scopes.

  • Briefing team members on delivery objectives and keeping everyone informed on the progress of the project.

  • Create a naming convention to be used throughout the film.

  • Coordinate the organization of Toon Boom Harmony project networks.

  • Foresee and address possible planning/production issues, translating the complexity of the project into lucid language that team members can understand.

  • Communicate with the director to ensure the film stayed on vision.

  • Plan and organize the production schedule using Trello.


AirTable - Asset list creation

Trello - Team shot completion 

Toon Boom Harmony - Scene setup

Google Docs - Task organization

Google Sheets - Task organization

Google Hangout - Communication

Discord - Communication